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With over 50 years of experience in the dental implant sector, the IMPLA System represents safety and reliability. The sophisticated system allows you to treat almost every indication while at the same time remaining manageable. The continuous further development ensures the highest quality.

The implant system integrates itself in a sophisticated manner into your digital workflow when you use the IMPLA 3D implant navigation for planning and diagnostics of your patient cases. The global network of consultants with famous international DGZI speakers offers you as an implantologist the opportunity to attend a wide range of top class training courses in the area of implantology. These are available both nationally and internationally at any time.

The one-piece Mini implant with either a ball top or conical top.The one-piece IMPLA Mini-Series implants also have a high-quality blasted and etched surface.Thanks to their size and shape, Mini implants are also suitable when using the flapless technique and for transgingival insertion, depending on the clinical case.Furthermore, the brief drilling protocol keeps the surgery time at a minimum.The Mini-balltop implant made of grade 4 titanium is excellent for fixing full dentures (cover dentures). The Mini-conetop implant, also made from grade 4 titanium, is particularly well suited for bar restorations, where there is limited available space. IMPLA Mini implants are an economical alternative to two-piece implants.