Alphalink Cem A2 (Ngjites fasetash)


Dual-curing fixing composite for natural teeth.

Product information “Alphalink Cem A2”
Alphalink Cem is a dual-curing fixing composite for natural teeth.


Adhesive fixation of indirect restorations such as veneers, inlays, onlays, crowns and bridges.
Suited to fixing restorations made from glass ceramics, zirconium dioxide, composite, Zirconia reinforced composite, precious metal, non-precious metal or titanium.
Adhesive fixation of root pins and core build-ups (as core build-up material).

Extraordinary bonding strength on dentin and ceramics
High radiopacity, radiopaque (210 % Al)
Very high compressive strength of 290 MPa
Automix cartridge for easy handling
Transparent mixing tip
High biocompatibility, as the material is free of Bis-GMALong-term stability due to excellent physical properties
Safe, because it is dual-curing
Excellent aesthetics with three different colors 

Physical properties:

E-module: 12.039 MPa
bending strength: 118 MPa
very high Vickers hardness: 549 MPa

Curing time incl. working range:

Room temperature ca. 21 °C (ca. 69.8 °F): ca. 7-9 min
Intraoral 37 °C (ca. 98.6 °F): 3-4 min

Sales units:

8 g automix cartridge

Available colors: A2, A3, semi-transparent