Capo bulk fill plus


Biocompatible light-curing composite for posterior fillings in the Bulk Fill-technique with layer thicknesses of up to 4 mm. Made in Germany.

Product information “Capo Bulk Fill Plus”
Work more quickly and more easily than ever before without compromising the physical properties.
Save time with layers of up to 4 mm.
Capo Bulk Fill is a light-curing composite for posterior restorations in the direct filling technique and for the “Bulk Fill”-technique. This quick and easy method is suitable for layers with a thickness of up to 4 mm. The stable flow material adapts really well to the bottom and walls of the cavity.

Fillings with layer thicknesses of up to 4 mm in Black‘s class I cavities.
Base fillings/liners with layer thicknesses of up to 4mm in Black‘s class II cavities. For the final layer in a class II cavity, only use composites which are suited to filling Black‘s class II cavities.
Cavity lining – as a first (bottom) layer in Black‘s class I and II cavities.

Your benefits:
Biocompatible: 100% free of Bis-GMA, HEMA and TEGDMA
Outstanding physical properties (total filler content ca. 77 % by weight)
Excellent flow behavior
Natural fluorescence
Natural appearance due to a universal dentin shade
No additional layers are necessary to cover class I cavities.
Quick and easy to work with Easy to polish
Minimal shrinkage provides for a very safe application
High radiopacity (210 % AI) ensures a dependable diagnosis between the filling material and the natural tooth substance
Independent: compatible with most bonding and composite systems
Made in Germany