Impla box



Adapt your box according to your needs.
The new IMPLA Surgical Box can be tailored to your individual needs thanks to its modular design.
The modules can be assembled to include all surgical resterilizable instruments required for implant placement – with implants from our seven IMPLA implant lines.
The drills are arranged in the order they are needed for the implantation process. 

This arrangement ensures a safe and well organized procedure. 

The drills stand out with their optimal cutting capacity which facilitates a precise and atraumatic preparation of the osseous implant bed. 
All drills, counter sink cutters and thread cutters have been designed without internal cooling to keep the cleaning process easy, quick and safe.
Optionally available: Depth stops for all pilot drills and enlargement drills.
Those provide more safety and control, even in anatomically difficult situations. 
 All trays come completely without silicone plugs – for a maximum in hygiene.

Choose between the following modules:
1. Module Implantology Tools 
2. Module Cylindrical Drills short
3. Module Cylindrical Drills long
4. Module Micro Retention Drills short
5. Module Micro Retention Drills long
6. Module Depth Stop short
7. Module Depth Stop long
8. Module Implantology Tools Mini 

Tip: Also use the Tray Universal for convenient storage of optional surgical instruments for which no slots are provided in the standard modules – practical and clearly arranged.

Your benefits
Cost-efficient – Only buy those instrument that you will really need.
Easy handling – The clearly structured setup ensures an easy handling.
Intuitive – The user is led easily through the procedure by the standardized color code.
Future proof – Adapt your surgical kit according to your individual needs.
Hygenic – No silicone plugs for maximum hygiene.
Neat – No disorder, no danger of confusion because of clearly visible markings.