Micro Retention implant , Cone Connetion



The implant with a conical basic shape and rotation protected internal conical connection.
Product information “Micro Retention implant , Cone Connection”
Just like its cousin with the Hex Connection, this implant is particularly suitable for use with cancellous upper jaw bones, due to its special micro thread, but it also offers a quick and safe solution in hard bone.
The conical inner connector Cone Connection integrates the Platform Switching approach convincingly within the overall implant concept,  and is aimed at users who do not want to go without the features of an inner cone in their daily work.
The implant with the basic conical shape and rotation-locked internal conical connection. 
Due to the special thread in the neck area, this implant is predestined for use particularly in the cancellous upper jaw bone.
The Micro Retentions of the upper thread turn cut into the cortical bone and offer excellent primary stability. 
This implant line also offers fast and safe insertion possibilities in hard bones. 
The rotation-locked internal conical connection minimizes the microgap between the implant and the abutment. 
This supports preservation of the marginal bone and prevents peri-implantitis. 
The additional hexagonal connection inside the implant serves as a rotation lock.