ReVeneer repair set


Ceramic repair set for intraoral and extraoral applications. Set consists of the bonding system and the composite for the reconstruction of the veneer.

Product information “ReVeneer repair set”
In most cases, the ReVeneer Repair Set saves you from having to replace crowns or bridges. This gives you security. Aesthetically pleasing, intraoral, long-lasting, safe and acid-free.

No acid etching (no hydrofluoric acid or phosphoric acid)
This makes intraoral application possible
No silane as bonding agent
Extremely high bond strength
Little time needed
Universal application
Tested and optimized on all common ceramics (feldspar and glass ceramics, pressed ceramic, zirconium dioxide, aluminium oxide)
Can be used with commercially available curing lamps (halogen, LED, plasma light)
Precise application because of ReVeneer Base’s green color.
The change in color from green to clear makes the curing process visible and verifiable.

The ReVeneer Repair Set consists of:

1 syringe (1 g) ReVeneer base
1 bottle (3 ml) ReVeneer primer
12 application tubes (0.9 x 13 mm)
1 brush holder
6 disposable brushes
1 syringe (3 g) opaquer universal light
1 syringe (3 g) opaquer universal dark
6 compules of composite A3.5 (0.3 g)
3 compules of composite A3 (0.3 g)
2 compules of composite A2 (0.3 g)
1 compule of composite B2 (0.3 g)