Temdent set classic (Rezine per dhembet provizor)


Produce temporary crowns and bridges with Temdent Classic. A self-curing acrylic on PMMA basis with only 0.8 % residual monomer.

Product information “Temdent set classic”
Temdent Classic is a PMMA-based material for temporary crowns and bridges. Due to its excellent physical properties, the material is also suitable for wide-span constructions. Temdent Classic is self-curing with only 0.8 % residual monomer.


Quick, easy and safe application
Short curing time
The colors can be intermixed for individualization
Easy removal from the prepared tooth because of the elastic phase
Extreme fracture resistance makes the material well-suited to wide-span constructions
Outstanding color stability 

Physical properties:

E-module: 2.300 MPa
Bending strength: 90 MPa
Vickers hardness: 140 MPa


100 ml liquid
100 g Temdent powder light
100 g Temdent powder dark