Tribos 501


“ The sophisticated Relief of our teeth is related to the „tribosphenic“ molar.
This is a result of an old history dated millions of years ago.
The Tribos 501, perfect portrayal where shape, function and aesthetics are taken from nature, taking into consideration all the scientific teeth elements.
This assumption is essential and indispensable for a natural occlusion and correct function of the entire masticatory system. „

The Tribos 501 teeth morphology is derived from the theory NFP
„Natural and Functional Prosthesis“, result of 3 years of morphology study, competence and experience of Dieter Schulz “

Primary morphology
Secondary morphology
Secondary morphology abrasive

Tribos 501 are high quality teeth developed in diagonal grid PMMA structure, produced in a newcondensation method „Mega-Press-Inject“ to optimise the density and hardness of the tooth surface.
This production in 3 layers affords the same quality performance in all areas of the tooth.
This impacts especially on the durability and Plaque sensivity of a prosthesis.
The user will feel the precision of the shape and hardness of the Tribos 501 when using it for the first time,which is comparable to the precision of the CAD/CAM technology.